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"Ever since I was a kid, my mom had me drinking tea. It may have been my English heritage but we drank tea every day and I loved it. 


However, after a 10+ career in marketing, I soon saw through the gimicky advertising and realized that there weren't many great-tasting, sustainable, honest teas on the market. There had to be a better way. 

My business partner and I came up with an idea to modernize and challenge the tea industry. We came up with the name "We Spill The Tea," as a saying many have when they spill the truth or gossip about a particular subject matter (plus, it had "tea" in it). When we did more and more research we found that many tea brands cut corners. They used cheap, wasteful nylon tea bags that actually put micro-plastics in your tea when heated up (gross!) or they called themselves organic and good for the environment, but only had partial organic ingredients or materials. This is called greenwashing. We vowed never to do that, we'd spill the tea and have an honest chat with our customers about our products and what sustainability and protecting the environment means to us. 


But we aren't just some yuppie, sustainable brand. No. Our focus extends beyond environmental impact. We Spill The Tea is truly a lifestyle brand who believes in community, diversity, creativity and being whoever you are and want to be. We believe you can be different and be cool. This is why we say we are for everyone - the hard-working single-parent mother who just needs a tea break or wants a healthier beverage option for her kids, down to the millennial professional who needs a pick-me-up so he/she can slay the rest of their meetings. 

It is our hope that you fall in love with our We Spill The Tea flavors as much as we have and enjoy being a part of our brand story. We have a lot of work ahead of us but look forward to doing this together with you. Who knows maybe one day we will be on the shelf of your favorite grocery store or even building our own recycling facility for even greater environmental impact all thanks to you! Whatever the future holds for We Spill The Tea, we look forward to this journey together and thank you for all of your support!


If you have any feedback or would like to share your experience, I welcome any and all feedback at I look forward to hearing from you!"

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